“I’m Not a Racist” She Declared

Pinterest can be a den of inequality sometimes.  I should know better than to tempt my flaming curiosity to prove myself right once again.  Yet I do.

It starts off innocently enough.  Someone has followed my Barns board or the one with the outhouses.  I typically follow them back — unless — well, here’s how the rest of it goes down.

Barn lovers are usually country lovers and also Bible quoters and gun lovers and then I find the Conservative Republican board.  That in itself is fine.  Freedom is what you this country is based on.  I was raised in a Conservative home and started following in those footsteps until I took a bit of a left turn one day.  But as I like to say, we are people first, not necessarily our politics.

As for these right wing boards, some of them can be quite mean.  Evil Hillary, Black Satan Obama, a picture of a banana flying near President Obama’s photo-shopped and made-to-look-huge lips!  That’s not only mean but its very racist too.

Yesterday I found a similar board.  I knew I was opening a Pandora’s box. This woman’s board started out innocently enough.  She doesn’t want to pay taxes to fund women’s birth control.  Next up, “Just because I don’t like Obama doesn’t mean I’m a racist.  I don’t like Biden either.”   Okay, all opinion and freedom of speech so far, right?   Too good to be true. 

The next pin was a picture of a white man with his bare ass held up to a television set with a paused picture of President Obama.  The man positioned his ass right up to the President’s lips.  And he’s laughing like the good ol ignorant boy he is.   And below was a caption that this picture was banned from Facebook so hurry up and spread it around! 

Oh no lady, you’re not at all racist are you?  I should have never opened that board.  Why do I do it?  I get angry when I see such blatant bigotry displayed like that.  If called out on it, this lady would say it was just a joke and how can that kiss-my-ass photo be racist?  Sadly, people like her will never get it.   So I’m going to continue to call out racism when I see it.  And it depresses me that I see it or hear it far more often than I want.

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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