It was an ordinary shopping morning at our local Fred Meyer today.  Everyone was slugging through to get whatever was needed.  It’s usually a more laid back vibe among shoppers on Saturdays as opposed to 5:00pm on a weekday.  At that time of day, the frenzy dial is amped up and people are scurrying to hunt, gather and fill their baskets as quickly as possible.

Today was mellow.  There was a mixture of young parents, older people, a few guys off to stock up on beer and chips for later, and kids pestering for candy.  I got my things and then decided to treat myself to a Salted Caramel latte at the store’s inner Starbuck’s sanctuary.  Nirvana. 

As I waited, I overheard the couple behind me talking about just getting regular coffee and a refill.  I offered my place in line to them and had to insist because they were so taken aback that I was being so nice.  No one does this anymore, the lady told me.  I hope someone is kind to you today too, the man added as they both thanked me again.  I mentioned that just their reaction was more than enough kindness for me today.  Really, it made me feel good to have made their day with such a simple gesture.

When I was nearing the exit with my prized Starbucks and cartful of groceries, the clerk on the side register in the apparel department called out to me.  I was pretty sure I had something dropping out of the cart or clothing amiss, but she was smiling.

“Would you like a rose?” she asked.

I nodded with a huge grin, and as she handed over this beautiful rose I told her about letting people go first in line, and how they hoped I’d have someone kind back to me.  She, with the offer of a rose, was my kindness, I told her.  And she gave me a big hug.

How sweet the whole chain of events.  I’d like to think someone was looking out for me today.  I’ve been bummed out this week because of the whole WorldMark sales pitching ploys and also because I learned of two other friends’ deaths. 

Larry, who we traveled with this summer on the car club road trip, died of cancer.  And then I found out that an old coworker, Gary, who was the maintenance man, died from being given the wrong medication following heart surgery!  He’d just retired three years ago with a dream to live in Southern Oregon and use the Rogue River as his fishing grounds.  With Stan dying earlier this month, that makes three too many.  Stan’s memorial is today.  He was a good friend for many years, and he’ll be missed.

So the rose made my day indeed.  And I feel blessed today.  Remember to practice kindness.  It never hurts and sometimes it can rebound sweetly right back to you.


The rose is in the living room for me to enjoy today and makes me smile.

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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