*It’s great being able to blog again.  I entered the wrong password when I commented on someone else’s blog and was subsequently not allowed to post anything since my last entry in July.  Thanks to an Android support helper, Dan, and a WordPress helper, Karen, I’m “fixed”.  Well, maybe not me, but my blog is.  So I start with a story about Cappy, who endeared me to him in August.

Worldmark Depoe Bay, Oregon, August 2012


We had settled in for several days’ stay this summer at our timeshare  and within minutes discovered a juvenile seagull on the back lawn by our patio.  He wasn’t afraid of people and didn’t startle easily.  He’d simply get up and sashay a bit if you got too close. 

Within a day, I named him Cappy, short for Captain which would have been too astute for such a young seagull like him.  We were worried that he might be sick or injured because he hung around our condo area every day/all day.  But he dispelled that rumor by launching himself to join the other seagulls one night.  I rather like to think that Cappy knew how to play the system – human that is.


My sister-in-law snuck him food as I’m certain other people did.  Okay, I confess, I gave him some crumbled crackers once too even if I’m a stickler for rules.  He got to me.  Cappy was like a little greeter friend.  We’d look for him everyday.  He never disappointed.  One time he even bravely waddled into our condo!  Clearly he had done this before.  When he was told to leave, Cappy simply did an about face and left calmly without losing one iota of bird dignity.

Cappy was my bright light that week.  The close-up picture of him on the grass was taken when he lay at the foot of my chair for a couple hours.  I read, I napped, and there stayed Cappy like a loyal friend.  He filled my heart with joy.  Who knew a so-called “rat with wings” actually had such a winning personality?  I will never forget this little bird who wasn’t afraid of people but rather befriended them in his own beguiling way.

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