So Lucky

How fortunate I’ve been these last few weeks.  The great United States of America has so much to offer us.  Every state delivers unique treasures, though some perhaps more than others.  From the plains of Wyoming and Nebraska to the rolling hills of Missouri and green grasses of Kentucky, I was transfixed.  Like a window shopper I peered greedily as landscapes changed, wanting to stay and savor.  Tennessee, Georgia, then onto South Carolina, the South resonates with sweet accents and hospitality. 


Swampland on the Magnolia Plantation in South Carolina

Even though I didn’t get to stay awhile in too many places, even passing glimpses sufficed.  I’ve seen The Gateway Arch in St. Louis before, but Jim had not.  Despite the pouring rain from a thunderstorm and rush hour traffic, he was thrilled to see this man-made beauty.  As we drove past, I caught my peek through the eye of this cell phone: 


What else but joy in the discoveries of our nation’s wonderful states?  As we ate in the different diners of America, I remembered thinking how we are people first and not our politics.  I felt an affinity for everyone.  I know that’s trite and shortsighted but so be it.  From cowboy Joe to the Cajun people in Louisiana, we are Americans.  We’re in this together. 


“Kansas City Here I Come” – Ah, if only I were able to see a KC Chiefs game at Arrowhead Stadium!

And how’s this for a rest area stop?  Paducah, Kentucky:


Today we delighted in seeing the Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona and Zion National Park in Utah.  We were absolutely mesmerized.  We could understand where the inspiration for the movie Cars came from:  this park


      The Vermillion Cliffs of Arizona


In Zion National Park boulders abound

Because my back has been messed up since before our trip and has worsened each day, I haven’t been able to hop in and out of the car to take pictures as much as I’d like.  I wish I could have captured the beauty of Zion.  The red rocks are sculptured by the settlement of time.  It was absolutely amazing.  Photos by this amateur would never have captured the stunning essence of Zion.  This shot of the tunnel we had just gone through provides a glimpse at the colors in which we were so transfixed:


There’s so much to see in America.  We really are very lucky.  I would love to continue exploring this great big land of ours.  We shall return for more.

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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