Just Last Week

Oh the rain do I lament!  Sinkholes, mudslides, flooding and fallen trees are the happenings around Portland town.  Road closures are running in a never ending list across the TV screen.  Our power just surged in response to the wind.  It’s so hard to believe that just one week ago . . .


I was here ⬆at Disneyland, gazing at the beautiful dazzling holiday lights.  “It’s a Small World” was perhaps the most stunning example.  My daughter Jana and I so enjoyed looking at all the pretty sights.  But Small World was truly decked out and absolutely something to watch.  Every fifteen minutes, the dolls would march out to the tick tock of the clock and music would play.  Awesome.

Ah to be in Disneyland!  Summer in December.  It was clear with just the right amount of night chill last week at this time.  Jana dutifully pushed me in a wheelchair.  It was the only way I could possibly experience Disneyland again so soon.  Every joint ached and plantar fasciitis returned last time (had surgery on one foot and the other hadn’t bothered me in over a decade).  So the ♿ was more like preventative medicine.  Jana was my rock.  She rolled me all over the parks and back and forth from our nearby hotel.  With thousands of people and strollers and rail tracks to steer around, it wasn’t easy.  Yeah, we found the track and the wheelchair got stuck a couple of times.  But we had the time of our lives!

So as I listen to the trees rustling in the wind and hear the steady drumming of rain on the roof, I think back to one short week ago.  Was I really wearing shorts and a tee shirt?  If only I could have taken the sunshine and summery warmth back home with me! 

Disneyland.  Last week.  For real.  Can I go back?  Today? 

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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