August Days

For once in this neighborhood, the only annoying sound is two angry crows.  Every time I’ve sat out, neighbors have been forklifting, backhoeing, sawing,  cussing and yelling.  I’ll take these cawing cacklers anytime over the drone of machinery.

Migraine melts my brain today, but the medicine has kicked it down to a livable level.  Swimming can have its drawbacks such as the pressure from my goggle strap.  It can start the migraine flame after so many laps.  I keep trying to push myself to do a mile, but have only done 1500 to 1530 yards, still a bit off the goal of 1740.  But I will do it and soon.  I’m making a pact with myself.

I got tired of weighing myself and being disappointed.  After all, one week in late April/early May, I had barely eaten anything and yet gained two pounds.  All I know is that I’m down two sizes from this same time last year.  Well, down those sizes in pants, dresses and shirts.  Bras?  Not so much.

Last year I posted a picture of myself at over 200 pounds.  My daughter was being fitted for her wedding dress, and I couldn’t escape the mirrors that captured every angle.  Nightmare!  Bra shopping was pretty much akin to that too.  I tried on the next lower size and my God, you’d have thought I put on a training bra.  Yes, I joke, but seriously, just when I felt toned in the upper back and side boobage, the mirror and bras made me feel like nothing was accomplished.  I need something to lift up these aging, saggy vessels.  I need a hoist!  Good grief and then some.

However, I am in a better place with weight than I was before beginning a commitment to healthier eating.  Adding swimming is a great mood boost as I do love it.  I’m not athletic, but in the water, I feel like I’m smooth rather than a clumsy nerdnick.  So there are things I’m doing right for myself.

I take it back about these crows.  There are at least three of them making quite the racket.  Of course it doesn’t take much to piss off a migraine, medicated or otherwise.  Indeed, they might just force me back into the house.  Oh well, such are the days of August.  Inside retreat is the best strategy.  And if there was a moment’s hesitation, a pesky yellow jacket just made the final decision for me.  Adios!

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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