It’s How You See Things

This McCall, Idaho condo is at the very end of the resort.  The balcony is peaceful and quiet.  Some say we’re overlooking rocks, but I think it’s all in the manner of a person’s own perspective.  What do you see in this view?


Yes, there are rocks to be sure.  No denying that fact.  But there’s so much more than a mere “view of rocks”, a lot more from the way I see it.  The upper half is a forest, where a path meanders into the fir trees.  The camera didn’t pick up a mountain range in the background which clouds hid.  It’s all up for personal interpretation, much like the adage of the half empty/half full glass of milk.  I don’t believe it’s just about positivity or negativity, but more like taking a deep breath and really looking observantly at the surroundings.


Even if you were all about the rocks, there’s more than just the boulders themselves.  I adore the little evergreens poking through, determined to survive their less than ideal situations.  There are different textures, patterns and sizes of the rocks.  I’m happy to not find any cans or wrappers in the crevices.  I look for a chipmunk, mouse or rare black bear to scamper along the stone, but instead as I’m absorbed in a magazine, I hear a cat of all creatures! 


He meows until he descends the rocks completely onto the grass patch below our balcony.  He listens as I talk, probably hoping for a piece of something delicious to appear magically at his paws.  Wrong condo, I think to tell him, but he stays nonetheless, cleaning himself, sometimes looking up, frequently ignoring me when I try to capture a picture of him in the 8:30 twilight.  He looks healthy, and as I discover this next morning, he’s a frequent condo visitor.  Smart guy that he is as I’m sure he makes the rounds with that soulful meow and imploring look and successfully mooches from easy targets.

So there you have it.  It’s not always about a quick glance and a shrug of indifference of big deal, seen rocks before attitude.  If you take time and let the world unfold in its own natural course, you may be pleasantly surprised.  Who knows, maybe I will get to see a bear!  There are signs posted and padlocked garbage dumpsters warning of their presence.  You just never know until you try to see beyond the obvious.

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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