Why, I Oughta . . .

Spouses, right?  Love them dearly, but when they make you shake your head and raise your arms up to the sky in an imploring manner, well maybe you might be a bit miffed.  I am currently miffed.  Okay, lift the teapot lid, and you might see steam billowing out.

We belong to the WorldMark by Wyndham timeshare.  Mostly, I love it.  However, since my husband Jim has difficulty standing too long because of his bone on bone knees, I’ve been doing the check-in part for us for the last few years. 

It used to be easy.  I’d sign us in, get our parking pass and room key card along with an occasional goodie (in Maui we got cool shell necklaces!).  Yet there’s been an extra added something the last six or more years.  The very bane of my WorldMark vacation existence:  pressure to attend owner updates which translate into subterfuge in the manner of sales pressure to buy more points.  After receiving a room key at the check in desk, the WorldMark timeshare owner is then pointed to an associate who will hand out the parking pass, information, and sales tactics to get the owner to attend an update. 

And here is where I could just about scream.  I hate checking in and going through the third degree.  We all hate telemarketers.  This is worse.  The associates are prepared to keep badgering you no matter what answer you give them.  For example, six weeks ago we did attend an owner update.  There is always an incentive aka the dangling carrot to get you to attend these things.  We took the money last time but had firmly told the saleswoman that we were only there for the group education update.  We were not, repeat NOT, interested in buying more points (and going into debt).  She told us to next time be firm with the associate at check-in by saying no, and she said owner updates should only be attended once or twice a year at most.

So I used her statement to the associate at check-in this past  Wednesday.  Ha!  “Oh, she shouldn’t have told you that.” “She’s wrong.  Who is she?”. And on and on it went like a tennis volley.  I told this associate I dreaded checking in because of this whole process we were forced to go through, but he could have cared less. 

He’s paid to try to coerce people into attending the owner education updates.  Because afterwards you meet with the salesperson one on one to go over any questions you might have and before you know it you’re stuck in a car salesman-like atmosphere with some manager coming in explaining how great extra points would be and how much your monthly payments would be etc.

I hope you can understand why I’d rather go through a root canal than sit through one of these things that they promise will only be an hour, but usually drag into two.  Never mind that I have noise issues and the room is filled with people talking with their salesperson while a radio blares in the background.  Ridiculous!  No amount of money is worth it for me to attend these torturous things!

Cue husband.  He said he would check-in this time for us because we were able to add an extra two days onto our beach vacation by staying at the Gleneden Resort five miles north of Depoe Bay.  I was all in.  Finally, Jim could pinch hit for me and save me from going through that whole song and dance!  We agreed that the only way to stop these associates high pressure to sign you up for an “owner update” was to keep saying “no thank you”.  Even if they asked a question such as “have you heard about the Club Pass”.  Answer:  no thank you.

Husband goes in.  Husband comes out.  He couldn’t say no!  So now we’re roped in to attending an 8:30am class!  Hell, I don’t fall asleep until 3am most nights and usually wake up at 9am, and we’re on vacation!!! Why, Jim, why couldn’t you hold firm and say no?  It makes my fifteen minute battle on Wednesday to Not Attend seem all for naught. 

I’m upset, but obviously not “mad” like some people get over things.  I hate what we have to do.  I’m as mad as a hive of 100,000 hornets.  But I do still love my husband.  It’s just that why, why couldn’t he have said no?!?  Well, he told me, they’re nice people.  When has anyone ever met a mean, grumpy sales joker? 

Ay carumba!!! I was so thrilled at not having to check in and look where it’s gotten me!  Yes, I really oughta pow him right in the kisser, but I won’t.  He knows I don’t like this charade.  An amenable spouse or partner?  Who doesn’t love that at least a little?  I’m going to work it!  (But I’d still rather be doing just about anything tomorrow at 8:30am, including sleeping!)

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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