A Break

It feels as if I just spent a month or more free from the lecherous grasp of the migraine monster.  Alas, it was only three and a half days, but to have a break in the action like that is amazing.  I complain here a lot about the pain and not getting relief, so I decided since good had come, I will cheer.  Not too loudly though.  The beast is back.  Shhhh.  So while I celebrate, I’ll do it quietly, waiting for Zolmitriptan to slay migrainesaurus down.

As the three days went together so peacefully for said head, I wondered if it might be possible that this string would continue just as mysteriously as the migraines began their chain.  And while it wasn’t meant to be, I’m very grateful for the clear mind space.  It made me think that if I did have a life without migraine, how simple it would be and how unclouded and unfiltered.  I could see things without narrowing my eyes, and smell the weird perfume odor of these scented garbage sacks I bought that remind me of a dead mouse!  I went to bed at night unencumbered by the similar feel of a hard book slamming over my head and trickling into one if the temples, sneaking sinuously behind an eye.  And likewise I awakened each of the last several mornings without going for an ice pack, after a couple hours of trying to talk myself into getting up and making it happen.

It was awesome.  So the pain is back.  I feel a little bit okay with that.  I had a nice vacation from my head.  Not only that, I asked my neurologist for his blessing to take pain medication when I see the pain rehab doctor in two weeks.  He responded quickly and in kind.  We’ve settled on something other than Vicodin for me to try, and this is so much better than being locked out in the cold for so long and feeling denied relief.

Add swimming into the mix for the last couple weeks, and I’m very thankful to have some things going in the right direction.  Maybe everything isn’t coming up roses, but a lot of it is.  I’ll take that as if I’m running in for a touchdown.  Score!

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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