Aspirations, Not Resolutions

I believe that we as people should always be aspiring to some higher goal, no matter how small.  With aspirations come hope and not failure as with resolutions.  It’s easier to aspire to eat healthier than resolve to lose weight for example.  What you aspire to has no time line, whereas resolutions seem to disappear within the first four weeks if not four days of the New Year.

My aspirations are a carryover from some things I set out to do earlier this year.  Despite my weight fluctuation with the same stubborn four pounds, I am continuing on my healthier eating journey.  If I were to abandon that, I know the weight would come back on very quickly.  After all, I see how just going slightly off the plan can add back more pounds than expected.  I know I did not eat four pounds worth of extra food this past week.  But yesteryear’s two pound gain has doubly inflated due to age, less activeness.  So the object of this whole thing is to keep forging ahead and not get discouraged.  I aspire to break out of this four pound yo yo, and I’m confident it will happen when my metabolism eventually resets itself.

Since migraines still rule my world, I aspire to eradicate them by putting them in their place.  While the doctors try and nip the migraines at their core with shots and unconventional drugs and do nothing to address the on going pain, I will continue to advocate for better pain management.  Enough of this blame game that comes wrapped in the “medication overuse” label.  If six months isn’t enough to prove that migraines keep going with or without pain relief medication, then I don’t know how long the doctors expect me to live quietly in pain.  Even if it were just a headache every day, that would be too much.  I didn’t ask for migraines.  I hate them.  I want to stop them.  But I am realistic and want relief while waiting for the cure that seems far away. I am glad I have Zomiltriptan for about eight days of my twenty some migraines a month, but that leaves twelve untreated or 144 a year: Migraines that are on pain scale of 5 and above and that last four hours or more!  I do not want to live in pain even if that means breaking outside of the rules somewhat. 

And lastly, I aspire to rise above the fracas that is dooming friendships right now.  I will not go down with the sinking ship.  It might mean cutting loving ties that mean a lot to me, but for purity and sanity as well as avoiding drama for the sake of migraines, then so it must be.  I have forfeited too much time worrying about why this friend is doing what he’s doing.  Couldn’t make sense of it a few months ago, still can’t now, and I refuse to be taken down any further by one person’s due diligence to be outright belligerent to someone who doesn’t deserve it.  I think a few of us are close to speaking our minds if things continue to be strained.  The good thing is that the accusing friend will be away for three months, giving this whole crazy feud a well deserved rest. 

I welcome 2015 with open arms.  And I hope it embraces me back.  To be continued . . .

Disclaimer:  Any medications or treatments for migraines are based on my opinions and experiences only.  Please seek help from a physician for any medical issue.

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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