May I Just Be Human Again?

Here I go again trying a new medication.  It’s called Namenda® and it’s mostly used for people who have Alzheimer’s Disease.  It’s primary purpose is to improve memory.  The pharmacist explained all this very respectfully and without one iota of patronization.  However, I told him that my doctor prescribed the med for chronic migraines, but the pharmacist hadn’t heard of this particular usage before.

I’ve only been on it for one week and am not sure what the proper dosage is.  I’m not sure about the side effects really, other than a little blurriness in the eyes which hasn’t been consistent.  And maybe some hyperness at night and some extra heartbeats thrown in and a four pound weight gain when there’s no way I ate that much food. Oh, and yeah, no improvement in migraines as of yet … but hey, fingers crossed!

Now as far as the memory goes . . . I’ve been being kept awake by overactive something or other lately (bladder, thyroid, head, whatever).  My brain threw in a wicked curve ball about a week ago and around the start of this medication, but maybe that’s just coincidence.  Anyway about the brain, I’ve been torturing myself trying to remember the name of one family in my old neighborhood.

Talk about such an unproductive, infuriating, brain rattling form of torture!  This is surely it.  It’s as if there’s been a worm implanted in my head, boring further and further inside and trying to get me to spit out the people’s names.

The bad part is, I know some of their first names and the kid’s names, and even one of the maiden names.  But in this no-win game of Stump The Andrea, I cannot for the life of me remember the damned people’s surname.  Everyone else on the block’s names I’ve been able to recall.  What is with this particular group?  I keep waiting for the proverbial lightbulb to flash on in my head, spitting out the name like a golden goose egg.

That hasn’t happened.  I can’t Google these old neighbors either, though I’ve tried.  God knows, I’ve tried!  I’ve Googled Italian names, looked into the maiden name.  I even remember the exact address and entered that in the old search engine only to come up with zero, zip, nada.

So if this Namenda® improves memory, it surely is coming up short for me.  I still spend part of my day trying to conjure up a surname that fits, but at least it’s not all night long like that first night.  It doesn’t help that the father liked to be called Mr. Lou, and when I try to pair an Italian name with that, I keep coming up with Costello — as in Lou Costello from the famous old comedy duo of Louis & Costello.  Or is it Abbott and Costello?  Ay carumba!  I think I need help here.  Am I losing my memory or what?

If Namenda® helps cure my migraines, then more power to it.  In the meantime, I keep checking in the mirror to make sure I don’t resemble a guinea pig.  Because that’s what I feel like sometimes:  a possible serendipity in the making.  Maybe next up will be some other medication meant for bladder control or diabetes or God forbid, erectile dysfunction.  May I just be a human again?

Disclaimer:  This post represents my opinions and experiences only and is not to be construed as either advice or negativity against any medication.  As always, consult with a physician before trying any new medicine or therapy.

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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