From the Balcony


Clouds begin to roll in from the Western horizon, dulling the blazing turquoise color of the Pacific Ocean into celery greens and cornflower blues.  It’s still beautiful.  The youth group in the rental house across from the WorldMark® condos have been gracing the skies with kites for the last two days.  They begin to check out which seat might be best for the filtered sunset in a couple hours from now.



For brief periods of time, I can enjoy being an “owner” in WorldMark by Wyndham®.  We have so many points to use each year to reserve a 1-2- or 3 bedroom condo in any of the multiple locations WorldMark® has to offer.  We book ahead if we really need a certain time frame.  Here lately, however, my retired husband and I have been booking on people’s cancelations.  This one bedroom little gem cost about $180 for four nights booked on “fun time”.  Fun time is our four week window to book with cash instead of points if some unit becomes available because someone canceled.

The four days we’ve been here have been bright and sunny.  I’ve gone swimming, read my book, but mostly watched the surf tumbling in.  Last night I enjoyed a nice sunset.  We’ve grilled on the barbeque, had a local friend visit and watched the Disney movie Frozen together.  It’s been relaxing. 


As for the migraine brain – it’s still there, though the pain has been for less duration. Six hours as opposed to a minimum of twelve is progress.  Whether it will continue or whether the differences will be enough to satisfy the insurance company to allow for more Occipital Nerve treatment remains to be seen.

I was really hoping to walk on the beach this time but the head wasn’t willing when we had strong winds (a trigger) and today I didn’t want the rhythm of a good walk to match the pounding in my head.  But at least I swam.  And maybe, just maybe, I’ll be able to swim at the local athletic club again if O.N. continues to allow me some respite from the migraines.  I’d love to do that again.

But back to the now.  I’m grateful to be able to come here now and then for some ocean therapy.  We can’t afford a beach house but we can afford WorldMark®.  I feel lucky and blessed to have this place and other resorts to call home sometimes.

Any treatments or therapies listed here or in any of my posts are about me personally. Consult your physician before trying anything for headache or migraine pain.

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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