The Gift of Sun on the Beach and a Yard Under Our Feet


                My sister, reading

On a Saturday where rain was promised, we lucked out with the surprise of a beautiful beach day.  It was the kind where you can see for miles and the ocean was a dark blue.  As an extra treat, we spotted the spout of a migrating grey whale not far from shore.  I’ve enjoyed discovering more than a few whales over the years during sojourns to the beach, and the sight of a tail, spout or big surfacing whale never fails to amaze me.

I’m with a group of family.  Evening is upon us and the sun is now setting behind clouds.  Coastal weather has a storm in store for us next.  We’ve been staying at a beach house since Thursday, and we’ve had alternating days of good and bad weather.  Yesterday was not so nice.  But the views are spectacular at this rental home.

This house is remarkable because it shouldn’t be here at all.  Where our bedroom window looks out over a small grassy area was sheer cliff born of erosion from a storm in 2006.  The people who own this home and the next door neighbors had to enlist extraordinary efforts from excavators and civil engineers to rebuild and shore up the backs of their extremely vulnerable homes. The clock was ticking and they each spent into six figures to save the houses.  Google Gleneden Beach 2006-2007 shore erosion to see the full story.  We learned of it through a book the owners keep on their hutch. 


The beach house we’re staying in is in the background with nothing left to hold it in place! (from Search engine)


The back of the rental house we are staying in.  Luckily, its owners were able to afford to have it shored up.

As evening settles in, clouds thicken and fog obscures the distant ocean. I will treasure whatever view I can because I feel for these home owners. Not only did they save their houses, but they saved this stretch of the beach. Everyone can enjoy the beauty of this miracle of engineering teamwork.

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