Mean People Bite

Early in my life, I made the inevitable discovery that all people weren’t sugary sweet and trustworthy.  My oldest sister took me on a ride in my stroller when I was probably close to three at the time, maybe younger.  I can remember the cloudy day, the colder feel to the air as if it were fall or spring and had my plaid red and orange blanket draped over me.  Some boy was taunting my sister and had an ugly malformed turnip that had been yanked from the ground in his hands.  I heard the word poison and was horrified when this kid deposited this dirt clodded vegetable on top of my blanket while my sister shrieked, “not on the baby!”

There would be more rude awakenings as time went on:  the boy who spit on me at the playground water fountain, kids who trampled my sand castles, the kindergarten nun who slapped viciously, bullies in the sixth and seventh grades.  I add in the personal injustices with the world horrors and over time, I’ve come to the conclusion that this isn’t a very nice place to be.  It’s especially true when I think of child abuse of any kind, murders and terrorism.  That’s meanness in the extreme.

Even when it’s not as vicious, the way some people act toward others is abysmal.  Take some of the houseguests on Big Brother 15.  There are a few who are quite racist and really don’t care that they’re on live feed cameras.  Gina Marie has taken top prize for being the worst offender. She’s had it in for Candice, an African American/Caucasian woman.  Gina Marie calls her degenerate, an f’n c*#t, that she has nasty ass crabs and that even her own mother didn’t want her (Candice was given up for adoption).  Gina Marie also called a gay man in the household a “fudgepacker” and she cruelly mimicked Asian people her very first week in the Big Brother House!

Spencer said he thought experiments performed on Jewish people in Nazi Germany weren’t necessarily a bad thing.  He said that because Candice had “gotten in his face”, she was the type of woman who might end up being strangled by a future boyfriend.  And Spencer thoughtlessly joked about “beating off to child pornography”.  Is that ever funny?  There have been many other racially insensitive remarks and I’m phrasing that nicely here.  All of the ones who are the worst offenders are still in the house!  Some have been fired from their jobs in real life.  Yet what if one of those people win 500K?  That would be a terrible thing.

It’s sad to live in a world with mean people.  By attacking others, they wound my soul.  I wonder how they could label themselves Christian when they are so intolerant?  It makes no sense.  On Pinterest I see people with boards worshipping Jesus while at the same time calling President Obama a “lying black Satan” and talking about “Chrislam”.  I believe in free speech and the right to your own beliefs but these attacks on a man’s skin color are despicable.  It makes me sad.  Very sad. 

*Racial and incentive remarks from Big Brother 15 were either taken directly from Big Brother 15 on CBS, YouTube, or from the Twitter hashtags #bb15 #bblf   from those having access to live feeds, and who were tweeting what had been said in the Big Brother15 House.

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