Haircuts & Politics Take Two

Yesterday I indulged in having my hair colored as well as cut and styled.  My hair stylist is amazing.  In the six years I’ve been going to her, she’s never raised her price.  J takes her time and is a perfectionist. 

This is a far cry from my previous long term hair stylist who happened to be an acquaintance.  P would always cut my hair the same way, so when I look back at past pictures, there’s no change.  Also, though I only pay a dollar more now than I did with P, I was led to believe I was getting a “friend discount”.  Therefore, I never questioned when P rarely if ever dried my hair!  “I’m going to let you go curly,” she’d say at the end of the hair sessions in regards to my permanent perm.  Meaning undried & unstyled much like a wet poodle.  I tried going “straight” but P never cut & styled it right (though I attributed it to my fine, limp hair).  So, perms it was for over twenty years!  That, and leaving the salon with soppy hair even in the January cold.

J makes me feel beautiful when I leave the salon.  There isn’t a hair out of place.  She dries & mousses & curling-iron-straightens my hair for at least twenty full minutes.  It makes me feel cheated all those years with P.  I still only pay the dollar more for the friends without benefits haircare with J after six years.  P raised her prices every so often.  So I’ve no doubt if P never took an injury time off, I’d continue to be paying lots more to be sent out the door with a wet head.  It’s amazing what we tolerate sometimes in the name of friendship, though to be clear, P was never really a true friend.

Of course there’s a BUT to this story.  I mentioned in a previous post that J and her salon mates talk politics.  I’ve sat through “death panel” topics, rah rah Sarah Palin, calling Chaz Bono an “it” and comparing Barrack Obama to the Nazis.  I’ve tolerated it because of the outstanding service I receive.  But it isn’t stellar service because of these political discussions which leave me squirming in my seat.  Politics should really be left out of a public place like this where there are a mixture of people (my town is politically split, so it shouldn’t be assumed that everyone walking through the salon doors endorses the Tea Party).

Yesterday was the capper.  An innocent question posed by the neighboring hair stylist as to whether we’ve seen the YouTube Sandy Hook conspiracy theory videos?  I’m on Twitter every day and hadn’t heard of it.  Basically, the theorists are saying the children’s deaths at the Sandy Hook school shooting on December 14th were faked.  The video poses what legitimate questions, but on the whole leave me skepitical.  This sounds like yet another anti-Obama smear campaign to me.  But J believes this conspiracy more true than not.  I certainly could have enjoyed a hair salon experience without the hour plus long conspiracy video playing in the background.

I love how J does my hair, but I hate having to brace myself over political fallout.  And I’ve always been a firm believer in the mantra “shit or get off the pot”.  Yet, and this is a big YET, if I left, I would be hard put to find a hair stylist of J’s caliber.  So I shall endure and sound off in my blogs.  Life is always full of compromises, and this is one of them.  We don’t live in a perfect world.

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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