Kitchen Control

Perfect diet control:  mice in kitchen!  I have no desire to even set one toe in there when these small whiskery rodents seem to be multiplying.  We’ve decided not to trap them, and the plan was to cover some holes behind the oven.  Well, that didn’t happen because the huge outlet at their main entry point is being held by nothing supportive.  What should have been a simple job is now turning into a project.

Tape covers the holes as a temporary measure, but unfortunately there are still mice at large.  Jim caught a small one with a big plastic cup & set it outside.  I just saw another little one on the counter.  My cat is useless in the mouse department.  If one comes across her path, she will go after it.  But she is not a detective by any stretch of the imagination.  If her brother were still alive, he’d be laying back in a hammock by now getting his fill of mouse on a  skewer. 

I admit the critters are cute.  In fact, I collect mice figurines.  Irony is my companion here lately.  But cute as they may be, it’s my house and my kitchen and the real mice do not belong.  I hate hearing them rummaging around.  It’s horrible!  I am such a girl, I know.

At least they are keeping me out of the kitchen on Day Three of this diabetes diet.  My hunger is still raging.  I don’t know when that will quiet down thanks to the thyroid.  The desire to eat freely has been quelched not only by the mice, but also by my new reality.  If I don’t step up and take care of myself, I run lots more health risks in the very near future.  It’s literally do this now or really pay the price.  I am fortunate to have been given a chance at the “pre” level.  It is my wake up call.   

About andreamarjulie

Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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