Yellow Rose


The painting is stunning.  A yellow rose unfolding in the strokes of water color, varied hues capturing its nuances.  It draws me in to its center, affording a natural peace as if I am in meditation.  Pleasing to the eye, elegant in the delicate depiction of nature, this glorious rose is a comforting companion.  When I am battling yet another migraine, I can absorb some of the quiet calmness which emanates from this painting.

It is a special gift sent by my Ohio brother-in-law, Fred, conceived from a thank you card and inspired off a picture of a gorgeous European yellow rose.  After telling Fred that yellow roses are my favorite flower, he asked if I would like him to paint one for me.  I was  thrilled at the prospect of having him create this painting for me. 

I am touched and humbled by Fred’s remarkable rendition of the rose.  I can’t imagine how an artist can work water colors so magically.  The petals of the rose are crafted as softly as if I can reach out and feel their silky coolness.  Shapes and bends of each one fit together in the mold that has created this unique flower.  And the colors blend so gracefully, making this yellow rose look like a treasured one from my garden.  Only this rose is permanent.

I have been looking up with admiration at the painting as I write this, so inspired that Fred painted this in such a way as to behold the heart and soul not only of the yellow rose, but his own as well.  I love this Yellow Rose with my heart and soul also and I thank Fred for his sweet and dear gift of water color artistry.

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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