Trial by Lies


Like so many other people in Canada and the US, I have become absorbed in the death penalty trial of Casey Anthony.  Her string of lies has had all of us Twitter followers stunned.  She is accused of killing her two year old girl, Caylee, in 2008.  We wonder how she could be so narcissistic and cold both in interviews and in the courtroom.

While she claims to have been sexually abused by her father and brother, this will be a burden of proof for the defense.  To my way of thinking, even if she endured such abuse, why did she continue to party on into the world as if nothing happened after Caylee was missing?  Where was any desperate grief expressed in jail visit interviews with her immediate family? 

There was no clawing desperation.  Any parent knows how a child becomes your life and focus as well as almost an appendage of yourself throughout the growing years.  You would be willing to turn over every rock and search in every nook and cranny until you found your child.  Not so Ms. Casey.  Instead, she held strong to this intricate web of lies that a nanny had taken Caylee.  A Zanny the Nanny who did not exist.  Casey had a fictional job and bogus friends who lived in imaginery spaces and places.

This all seems so surreal.  I wonder what goes on in the brain of this obviously sociopathic, narcissitic mother.  It’s mind boggling.  How could Casey continue to put everyone through this?  A normal person would want peace from having to keep up quite the facade of lies.  Poor little Caylee has never truly been put to rest with this so called mother of hers denying all guilt.  If Caylee really drowned in the swimming pool as Casey contends, why did she get such a crass burial?  It is all too crazy to fathom.

I know of a narcissist who sexually abused his own two daughters.  The secret was well hidden under many veils and no one in the family was aware of it until one of the daughters came forward.  This was five and a half years ago.  Her dad was going on 59 and the daughter feared that her four year old niece would be the next victim.  Though it scared her to come forward, she did it out of love and regard for her niece.

I know because I’m a part of the outer circle of this family.  None of us would have ever guessed this abuse was taking place.  But once the father was outed, we could look back and see so many narcissistic tendencies in him that suddenly made sense.  He was always “poor me” whenever he was around.  And when he was caught, he tried to spin more lies and deny some of the abuse.  He was apparently dying four years ago because he supposedly had cancer and had only two months to live.  Another time it was his heart that was ready to give out.  Poor me.  Poor me.

And the “poor me” has been Casey Anthony’s anthem.  Now she is going to be the poor me victim of supposed sexual abuse by father and brother.  Where is her cry for little Caylee?  For how much her heart aches for her little baby lost forever.  You wish she would shout out, “I did it.  I did it!”  But that only happens in the black and white vintage reruns of Perry Mason.  It won’t happen with this stone cold, deceiving liar who doesn’t deserve the title of mother. 

Let there be justice for Caylee Marie Anthony.  Amen

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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