Elevation: 2nd Floor



For a couple days, I get to luxuriate in an oceanfront condo.  We are lofted above a small patch of grass, sea green coated bedrocks and the beautiful blue and foam-white ocean.  We bought into the Worldmark timeshare eight years ago.  This particular resort at Depoe Bay is my favorite.

I have brought things to read, but I turn reflective and have decided to write.  No need for a coat on this gifted sunny clear blue skied day.  Instead of its normal December gray, the ocean is gorgeous in its varied hues of blue.

My very first trip to the Oregon Coast, I camped here in a silver 1979 Ford Econoline van with my sister and her husband.  We drove in the night and found a camp area consisting of RV parking spots, strips of grass between each, electric hook-ups and picnic tables.  Next day, I was astounded by the beauty before me.  That camping spot was here.

Ten years later, we stayed in the motel right next to the parking lot campground as my brothers-in-law and husband went on a chartered salmon fishing trip.  My children were then four and one and home with an aunt.  I remember my older sister, Barb, and I sitting on the little balcony, watching the ocean crash below us as we sipped on beers and tried to narrow the gap of living 2500 miles apart.

When they tore down the motel and campground, I was very sad.  No one knew what was being built.  We soon came to find out it would be a Worldmark resort.  A few years later we were “owners”.  I am thrilled that I get to be here at least once a year. 

This weekend, my now grown children, Jana and Tim are with us as well as Jim’s sister, Barb, and her husband Bill.  This place has special meaning to me because of the previous earmarks of time.  At night, I still envision two sisters sharing this vista in time.  Today I am in almost the same spot.  Waves explode into a million drops of water against the very rocks that were here for me and here for Native Americans long, long ago. Here’s to tranquility, peace and the relevance of our life-giving waters.

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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