The Unexpected Gift


The last three days in the Portland area have been amazing.  The skies have been either clear blue or spotted with a few wispy clouds, and best of all, the temperatures have hovered around seventy.  Those of us who live here know that these kinds of days are fleeting, especially in November, so you have to seize them.

Seize I did on Tuesday, though I must say the beginning was not how I had to seize it.  With papers to copy at the library, I found myself caught up in the Election Day last-minute frenzy that until recently has been uniquely Oregon.  For quite awhile now, we have had a vote-by-mail system.  Typically, a lot of people deposit their ballots at designated drop-off sites any time during the two weeks or so preceding Election Day.  Most seem to wait until the big day itself to cast their votes.  Our local library is one popular drop-off site. Therefore, I had to circle one way streets and parking lots to finally nab a spot and complete my task.

Okay, check, errand completed.  Almost got hit by one of those big jacked up trucks as I was changing lanes, and he was pulling out of a parking spot.  I had my turn signal on, he did not.  I played defense and quickly veered back into my lane as he roared well over the 25 mph speed limit posted in our town.

It’s funny how the smallest of errands can turn into a bit of a trial.  I had no problems at the post office and intended to head home.  Instead, I found myself being lured to a special place in our area.  Only a couple of minutes off the main highway, there is an overlook park which to me affords one of the most beautiful sights in the world – majestic Mt. Hood and the scenic river valley in its floor.  The mountain looks different depending on the time of year, and on Tuesday, it was covered with snow.  The white mountain jewel stood out in azure backdrop.  I could see the autumn colors blazing in the valley, and the Sandy River running rapidly right below me.  It was so peaceful and for those few quiet moments, restored some sense of calmness to my world.  The sight of Mt. Hood is always a gift. 

But when I got home, I received another gift:  designer French perfumes.  They had been sent by a Twitter friend.  A note inside was thanking me!  Her thanking me?  But for what?  I guess just for being me.  She had gone through a rough spot and while some of us Twitter friends asked how she was doing and offered words of kindness, many did not.  Just showing that I cared touched her heart.  Now I was the one who was affected.  I genuinely cared about her.  Just taking a minute to connect with someone can have quite an impact.  Her gift made my day as it was an unexpected delight.  And it continues to be a gift as I dab on these elegant scents and know she wanted me to enjoy them.  I surely will.

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Just trying to navigate a life circumvented by chronic migraines. Sometimes I write about managing with those, but at other times I am prone to deviate a bit.
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